Tuesday, February 20, 2007 1:37 PM Cell-phones!

How stupid is it that the cell phone providers "bet" with us about our usage for the month? If we win, they only get our monthly fee. If they win then we pay out of the nose. Why isn't the cell-phone company on our side?!

Imagine a grocery store that worked like a cell phone company. You guess at your monthly food intake and then sign up for two years at 40$ a month. Then every day/week you go to the store and pick up the necessary food for the week. But they don't tell you how much it costs, you have to figure that out based on when you're at the store and how much you get. At the end of the month they tally up your account and if you're under .... too bad, you still get charged the 40$. Went way over cause you had family over for vacation? That'll be 400$ please.

Now, imagine a provider where you pay them some small monthly fee for network access, and then your monthly-payment is based on your actual usage. Didn't use your phone? fine, don't give them any money. You used it about twice as much as last month? Great that means you qualify for their 80$ a month plan and that's what you're charged.

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