Tuesday, March 13, 2007 10:23 PM Going to brazil

I just received an acceptance letter for a paper that I submitted to a conference. Not only was the paper accepted to the conference, it will also be published in a Journal. Only the best 35 papers were selected for journal publication so I'm very proud of this acceptance. Anita and I are both really excited about it. You can read more about the conference at:


You can also see a few pictures of the venue here:


Here is the acceptance letter.

Dear Mr. Lakin Wecker:
Congratulations - your paper ''Contextual Void Patching for Digital
Elevation Model'' for CGI 2007 - papers has been accepted as Journal
paper. The overall standard this year of papers submitted to CGI 2007
was high and decisions were difficult; thus you should be particularly
pleased with this acceptance

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